Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I said I would never

Before I was a mom, I knew everything about having kids and being a parent. Totally had it all figured out. Duh! I was helping my mom take care of my sisters. I knew kids were hard work. I knew they were little dictators that seemed to boss my mom around. When I have kids, they aren't going to act like that. Haha, I was way wrong, wasn't I?

One thing that my mom let my sisters do and I just couldnt' understand it was letting them wear whatever they wanted. Even if we were going out in public!! What a mean mother I had. Didn't she know how embarassing it was to have a mismatched little girl and another little one wearing her princess dress, following you around in the store. What if someone saw me? What would they think? I was never going to let my kids go out mismatched or wearing princess dresses. Not me. 

Fast forward 14 years and now I'm that mom. 


I don't care too much what my kid wears. I mean I do care it has to be appropriate for the weather or for school. But you want to wear those rain boots with your dress... to school? Go for it. It makes you happy. You don't care what your friends think of your boots and your dress. And all of that makes me happy. That she isn't trying to fit in. Not trying to be cool. She's cool in her eyes. She's happy to be who she is.  That makes this mama happy!

Is there something you said that you would never do and now that you have kids, you do?

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