Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Funny Stuff Allyson says

This pint size cutie is quite the talker these days. I remember the days that I was actually worried about her speech, little did I know she was going to have lots of word explosions. These days I'm able to see the gears going in her little head. When I tell her something she will look and think about it and then something hilarious usually comes out. 

Why are you the Mommy? 

Mommy, my tummy hurts. I need um... {insert food I just told her she couldn't have} 

Mommy, I'm mad. 
I'm sorry you're mad. What's wrong? 
I'm mad at you. 
Oh, why? 
Ok, I'm happy now. 

No thank you Mommy. I don't like {anything that is on her plate}. May I be excused? She says this in the sweetest little voice. How can I make her eat it? She was just so sweet and polite. 

Mommy, can I ask you something. You can't say no, ok? 

I have the hiccups and don't feel good. I have a cold. I need to go to Amma's house to rest in Luke's baby bed to feel better. 

I asked her to clean up. I can't Mommy, I'm too little to clean. 

That's my silly little 3 year old Allyson! 


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