Monday, January 27, 2014

Austin at 22 months

This little smile makes my whole day!

My goodness I can't believe we are another month closer to 2 years old. Two months away from two. How am I going to have a 2 year old? 

So this last month he's got another haircut. Boy does he hate having his haircut!! He looks so cute with his new do though. 

He's been talking more and more

When I sing to him he yells STOP STOP and tries to cover my mouth. 

He still loves being outside and playing in the dirt. 

He knows what he wants and what he does not want! 

He loves shoes especially his rain boots. When it's time to go anywhere he will run and grab shoes for him and Allyson. 

This boy EATS a TON! In the morning he will have a banana or two, a bowl of cereal and some yogurt. He will drink the milk from the bowl, it is the cutest thing ever. He makes the biggest mess but it is just too sweet!! 

He's doing better with drop off at church. 

He does a good job sharing with his sisters. When we go to the playground, that's another story. He will scream at kids when they try to climb up behind him or they get near him. He screams and puts his hand out for the kid to stop. It's cute but come on little guy, share! 

He likes to have his teeth brushed but when you stop and try to put away the toothbrush, oh this boy isn't happy! 


He's just a complete joy to have in our lives! 


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