Monday, January 6, 2014

Austin @ 21 months

I cannot believe I've managed to take Austin's picture each month for the last 21 months. That's some kind of record for me. I was able to do Allyson's for the first year but after that she just was too much and I was too pregnant. 

So this month, Austin has really fell in love with trucks and cars. It's sooo fun. I couldn't wait to give him his Christmas gifts this year. He got some fun trucks. He got 2 new shirts with trucks on them and he loves them. He points and say Truh! truh! 

He still loves his basketballs and any other balls he can find. The Christmas tree was fun, he really wanted to rip off the ornaments and throw the balls. 


We've really been working on praying before meals and it's so precious. He folds his hands and closes his sweet eyes. "Deh Jesuss, tank you! AMEN!!!" oh boy does it melt my heart. 


He still has his killer eye lashes. 
he likes to dance and shake his little booty any chance he gets. 

he is an outdoor kind of guy {like his daddy} 

he likes to play with Allyson. Usually in the mornings he wakes up first and then I'll go into Allyson's room to get her out of her bed. When I bring her out, his face lights up and he yells Sissy and RUNS to give her hugs. 

he likes to read books

he likes to point out things when we are driving.


Oh Austin James, how I love you so very much. I can't believe that I'm already looking and planning your second birthday. How on earth is time going by so fast? 

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