Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Student of the Month

On Monday, we were invited to an assembly for Student of the month and Aubrey was one of the kids getting an award and certificate. 

Here she is with the Principal and Vice Principal
This month's character trait is honesty. It makes my heart so full, watching her grow and being recognized for such a wonderful character trait. This can be a tough one for us at our house. It's not that Aubrey isn't honest because she is, but it's doing what's right when no one is around. Jumping on couch when she thinks we aren't looking. After we tell her no, she will tell Allyson to ask us.

It's just kid stuff, I know. It's nice that this is a trait that her teacher feels that she displays. 
Student of the Month 
During the assembly, Allyson kept asking if she could go up there. I wasn't sure what up there meant. I thought she mean sitting with Aubrey. After it was over I told Allyson she could go "up there" and she wanted to stand by the podium. Crazy kid. 
Aubrey is one incredible little girl, with such a kind heart. It was fun to go to her school and celebrate her. I'm one proud momma!! 


  1. Go Aubrey! And what a great character trait to have seen in your kid. I never realized how much you and Aubrey look alike until I saw this picture of the two of you. She is totally your mini me.

    1. Haha, thanks :) She's totally a mini me. I need to get out some baby pictures of me. It's crazy how alike we look, Sorry Conrad! lol.


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