Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rainy Day

Yesterday when I picked Aubrey up from school it was raining and my girl was so excited. She's been checking the weather app on the iPod just waiting for the chance to wear her boots and splash around in puddles. 

When I picked her up she was thrilled because it was pouring!! Pouring down rain and it was amazing.  The smell of the rain, the sound, and the fun comes with the rain. Oh, how I loved it too. 


We came home from school and put on Allyson's rain jacket and got her new ladybug umbrella {how perfect is that?} If we just could have found her left ladybug boot, that would have made the outfit, but these worked.

Aubrey had the best time. Walking in the water, jumping, splashing, and looking up into the sky while the rain hit her face. 

Allyson, despite this picture of her crying, enjoyed it too. She still hasn't figured out how to keep the umbrella OVER her head. Sissy does not like rain on her face. 
I'm looking forward to more rainy days, more time puddle jumping with my girls and hopefully little brother won't sleep through it, because I know he'd like it. 


  1. I seriously just did a post like this!!!

    Where did you get Ally's umbrella? Isla NEEDS one! And that picture of her crying is pretty dang cute. Also, major props to you for the non-blurry picture of Aubrey jumping. I kept trying to get a non-blurry one of Connor yesterday but never succeeded.

    1. We are so awesome!! :)

      She got it for her birthday but I was looking Amazon for some rainboots/coat stuff for Austin and I came across this

      I cannot wait for the little ones to join the craziness. Maybe we will have a rainy day playdate!!! Ok, that's a lot of crazy.


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