Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween pictures... finally!

So I know, it's November 11th and I should be posting birthday pictures BUT I can't believe I still haven't posted these. Sheesh get with it Heidi. 

We gave pumpkin painting a go this year and I must say I enjoy this a lot more. I don't really like carving pumpkins, not true, I don't like carving ALL of the pumpkins and getting all of the gunk out. 

Austin enjoyed eating the paint brush and having paint poured out on to the ziploc bag.
IMG_4891 IMG_4898 IMG_4902 


Austin wants more paint & Allyson's plumber's crack.


And Halloween Day

Aubrey's school was having their jog-a-thon and the kids were allowed to wear costumes. I was too nervous to let her wear her costume to school, I didn't want it to get ruined some how. So we threw together a Jessie outfit. She was pretty thrilled to wear her cowboy boots to school and then doing an outfit change after school. I'm glad it worked out. 

After school, which also happened to be a minimum day, super score for Aubrey, she got changed into her Doc costume and we took some pictures. 

I made the girls some cute little doctor bags to use for trick or treating & then for dress up. I love the way they came out!! 
We had 2 Doc McStuffins and one little sheriff.
IMG_4982 IMG_4975 IMG_4986 IMG_5015 

We had such a great time at the church's Trunk or Treat. It was hard work keeping up with the kiddos. Standing in line, waiting for bounce houses.

The next morning the girls counted, sorted and ate some candy 

We had such a great time!! Allyson keeps asking if we can go trick or treating again. Only 354 more sleeps baby girl. 


  1. Pumpkin painting is WAY better than carving!!

    LOL @ Ally's plumber crack

  2. Those pumpkins are ginormous! And the pumpkin painting looks so fun. And the girls matching outfits are too stinking cute. It makes me want to have another little girl so I can coordinate her and Isla ;)


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