Thursday, November 14, 2013

Despicable THREE

On Saturday, we celebrated Allyson's 3rd birthday. She was in her glory, having another birthday party, you know because her actual day wasn't enough.

Allyson has been in love with Minions over the last few months and so we changed her party from Mickey Mouse/Minnie to Minions! There is a game Minion Rush on the iPod that her and Aubrey LOVE, ok I love it too. But any time we would see a minion at the store or a coloring book, she would laugh and laugh. So we made the switch, and I'm so glad we did. Some time in October Despicable Me was on the Disney channel and I let the kids watch it, we'd seen it before but Ally never cared much about it, after that she was hooked on the whole movie. YAY!! So Despicable Three it became! 


We are so lucky to have friends and family come and celebrate our little girls birthday. 

IMG_5369 IMG_5378 IMG_5380 IMG_5383 
Bubs liked the Barbie too! 

She really want to hold on to the minions 

IMG_5419 IMG_5425 IMG_5432 

Her minion cupcakes. I'm so happy with how they turned out! 

She loved having everyone sing. She loved it so much we sang it twice! 


Allyson isn't too happy to be pulled away from playing with her new toys. 

It was so much fun celebrating our littlest girl! 



  1. Her dress is GORGEOUS!! I love it so much.

    Looks like an awesome partay!

    1. Thanks so much! She pulled the minion off by the end of the day. I was too lazy to sew it, I just ironed it on.
      Thanks :)


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