Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Allyson's 3 year check up

Little Miss had her 3 year doctor visit today. She was so talkative this morning about going to the doctor to make her feel better (Thank you, DocMcStuffins for making the doctors office a not so scary place) and couldn't wait to get her and Bubs a Sillypop {lollipop}.

She will usually freak out as soon as we pull into the parking lot, but she didn't today. She was amazing. Got on the scale and she stood still. She cooperated nicely while measuring her height.  She didn't even flinch when they pricked her finger for the hemoglobin. Whose kid was this?? 

Then the fun started. She didn't want to give a urine sample. No thank you, Mommy. I don't need to go potty in a cup. 

Vision test time. I was so proud of her standing there saying the letters instead of needing to point to the paper. Then it came time to put on the glasses that have one eye hole blacked out. Oh, how she thought it was so hilarious. So we skipped it and moved to the hearing test. 

Little Miss Manners returned and politely declined wearing the headphones. She wanted no part of them whatsoever.

She did great for her exam. After she the doctor was finished she told me "Mommy, I feel so much better!" thanks again Doc McStuffin. I can't believe how easy this was. I know I would be singing a different song had we had to get shots but thankfully she's all caught up. 

32.5 pounds
37 inches 

So proud of my little lady! She definitely earned her sillypop today! 

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