Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Trendy Tots

I'm not sure who is more fun to dress. The girls or Austin?

 I had fun with the girls. The bows and everything that was matchy, ruffly, sparkly and cute.

But with him things getting dressed seems so easy. Except for actually getting the clothes on him. That's a daily struggle. I have so much fun picking out clothes. I love clothes shopping for him. I am so excited for winter clothes. Those cute sweaters and vests. Oh, how I can't wait for cooler weather!! 

 These pants are probably my new favorite on him. 

This morning we enjoyed the cool morning and played outside with playdoh for a bit. They both really love play doh, like really.  Austin likes pulling the play doh out and closing the lid. Opening it back up and putting it right back in. Seriously, he sat for like 30 minutes happily doing so. 

Allyson is in a stage where she's trying to make stuff and is using her imagination more. She tried shoving the play doh in the cookie cutter. Then she gets distracted and play with the cookie cutters, have her animals eat the play doh. Then start over and shoving the play doh in the cookie cutter. Repeat 20 times. 

I love watching these two play together. They do so well! There was no fighting or anything this morning. AMAZING!! 
We headed to the grass to try to take some pictures. That didn't go too well, they were all over the place! Looking at stuff, looking up, running away. You know just being kids. 

She's said "Mommy, I put my hands in my pockets." It was too darn cute. 

How precious is this? Allyson has started asking him for hugs and he happily gives her one. He will stop what he's doing to hug either of his sisters. 

I'm linking up with Kelly, Lindsay, and Megan for Trendy Tot Tuesday


  1. Thanks for coming over to see me for Trendy Tot! I love your daughters bow and her sparkly shoes. Your son is adorable, too! You should try pumpkin spice play doh, I made that homemade for Autumn's entire class last year and it smelled so good.

    1. Oh that sounds like it would be a total hit here! Thanks for the suggestion. Off to Pinterest for a recipe, unless you have one to share?

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