Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

Hey guys!! Long time no blog. I wish I had some great excuse about why I haven't blogged since August but I don't. Just was in a funk. I'm back and ready to go!

So first off, how is it already October 1st?? My goodness, time is flying!! My fall decorations have been up for a while and we've been doing the pumpkin stuff for a few weeks now, but it now feels right. Bring on that weather now!!

Every Tuesday, my pal Courtney posts adorable pictures of her little beauty, Abigail for Trendy Tot Tuesday. She is the cutest little girl and always dressed super cute. I always want to get in on the fun but I'm always late or just flat out too lazy. I was on top of it today though.

Here's Aubrey sporting her Hello Kitty Halloween shirt. She's been dying to wear it. I told her we had to wait until October.


Little Miss came home from school and informed me that her bottom tooth is loose! Her first one. She is cracking me up with the stuff she's saying and asking. Like she thinks we should have a party since or at least some cupcakes because this is her very first loose tooth.

She was seriously upset when I told her that the tooth fairy would bring her her reward.


Little Girl thinks she's a model now. Look at her posing all ... like real poses... not silly face and goofy. She's serious.
She got some new boots this week, and she's in LOVE with them. When I pulled out these pants and they were boot cut, she was in love. Look Mom, they fit just perfect underneath my jeans. Mommy for the win!

Aubrey thinks that the pictures of jumping are the best pictures. I have to agree. look at that smile. Ahh... she's amazing!

Hello Kitty Halloween shirts / Crazy8 Bootcut jeans / Boots

Happy October friends!!

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