Monday, October 28, 2013

Trendy Tot {Spirit Days Edition}

One of my favorite things to do in school was participate in the Spirit days. Crazy hair day, twin day, any excuse to not dress "normal". Aubrey came home on Monday and said that tomorrow was crazy sock day. I was so excited for her to get in on the fun! We just picked out some mismatched socks with sandals. It killed me to send her to school with socks and sandals. Killed me. 

We didn't get a picture that morning because I'm pretty sure someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. 

Wednesday was Sunglasses Day. 

She has these adorable pink Hello Kitty sunglass, that we had to tear the house apart to find, but it made her day to have them. 

and um why does my precious baby look so old here?!?! 

Thursday was wear All One Color Day

She's pulling away her pink jacket, it was 46* that morning and she did not want to wear a jacket or a white long sleeve shirt underneath her shirt because then it's not all one color Mom. Sheesh! and those toothpaste marks on her shirt, please ignore them, this killed me too. 

Friday was a fun one, Sport Day. This girl doesn't have anything sporty...nothing! Luckily Daddy had some of his Suns shirts from when he was little guy. So here she is sporting Daddy's Phoenix Suns shirt circa 1993. 

Linking up with Kelly, Lindsay and Megan for Trendy Tot Tuesday 


  1. Goodness, she does look SO big! But gorgeous too. Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. She is looks so adorable in that first photo, but seriously she looks so grown! When did this happen? Good job helping her get in spirit each day!


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