Monday, October 14, 2013

My other half {Blogging with a Purpose}

In the almost 9 years that Conrad and I have been married I've learned a few things about him.

Conrad loves football, basketball and baseball. There's some kind of sport on our TV year round. I can't catch a break. He likes to yell at the TV during that time too! 

He hates left overs, but he will eat them. 

Christmas is his favorite holiday.

Family means so much to him. When we started dating that was something I absolutely loved. My family wasn't close and he was close to his and it was so sweet to see the way he cared about his brother and sister. The respect that he had for his parents. It meant so much to me. Now that we have our family, seeing him in the Dad role and just how important we are to him, it melts my heart. 

He likes going to the movie theater.

He is so patient, especially with me. No matter how much I push and push. He can also keep calm when little ones are throwing big fits. 

Conrad is organized. 

He does a great job fixing the girls hair. He also puts bows in their hair too! Bonus points for that one. 

He still plays his xbox, headphones and all.  

He cares about other people. He helps out others when ever he can, in which ever ways he can. 

Conrad loves shoes. I bought him a pair for his birthday, he still hasn't worn them. He picked them out so I know he likes them. He's just waiting for the perfect time to wear them. 

He presses the door lock button twice when we leave the car. Just to make sure they're locked. 

Conrad loves music. 

He loves the outdoors. Camping, hiking, all of that good stuff {that I could go without seeing} 

He's an amazing Dad to our 3 kids. He can be rough and tough, tickles and running around with them. He's soft, caring and sensitive at the right times. On Saturday night he was up with Austin from 11pm-2am, trying to get him back to sleep, while I was snoozing away in bed. Seeing him interact with each child is just amazing. Aubrey doesn't like the rough, tough play. He's kind and gentle with her. With Allyson, she likes to be tickled and flipped upside down, chased and anything else you can imagine. Austin's is the same way. Tickle him, chase him, and toss him into the air. He knows and respects that each one of them are different and treats them that way. 

When he commits to something, he's in it for the long haul. 

Some of these things just crack me up. Crazy husband. I love him and I love all of his crazy quirks that come with him! 

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