Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Play doh Recipe & Trendy Tot

Yesterday after Aubrey came home from school, we made some play doh. Last week someone suggested making a pumpkin spice play doh and well, it sounded good to me. I actually had everything in my pantry! Score! 

This is the recipe we used:
2 Cups flour
1 Cup salt
4 tsp cream of tarter
6 tsp pumpkin pie spice
3 tsp cinnamon
2 Cups water
2 Tbsp oil
red and yellow food coloring (optional)

I had my adorable little helper. Measure and mix all the dry ingredients in the saucepan. Added water and oil. We mixed it.  Then I took over the stirring when we heated our mixture over  medium heat. Stirring frequently until the dough form. You'll be able to tell . I took it out and kneaded it. I broke it apart into pieces to cool down. It was still  warm when they played with it, which they thought was great.


This stuff smells amazing! The girls made me lots of pies yesterday. They sat in the kitchen at the table for a whole hour just playing with the playdoh and 2 cookie cutters. No fighting. This stuff must be magical too!

I'm totally looking forward to making a peppermint scented play doh at Christmas time! 

IMG_4554 IMG_4557
Allyson showing off her pumpkin pie she made.

After our play doh fun, we headed outside to play in the grass.

This precious girl of mine is getting too big too fast. I picked her up from school  yesterday and she was in the grass area where I meet her, practicing cartwheels. I remember being in elementary school and doing cartwheels and handstands in the field. Here my little girl was doing the same thing.

She's not doing too bad either.

Aubrey was pretty impressed when I did a cartwheel or 3. Oh boy, I was dizzy for a bit after that, which she thought was hilarious.

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While we were outside playing in the grass and taking picture, the kids heard the ice cream man. He goes down our street 900 times a day. We are usually inside and my kids run to the window and scream and wave at him. Today we were outside so they were screaming and what not even louder than usual. Well he stopped and I tried to wave him on, saying that we weren't going to get anything, that the kids were just waving "hi".

Well he told the kids that they did such a great job not running into the street and staying by mom, he went into his truck and pulled out 4 Crunch bar ice creams and gave them to us and said keep up the good work. My kids were ice cream heaven!

IMG_4584 IMG_4587

Such a great way to end the day!

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  1. Cute kiddos! I have the opposite family: 2 boys then a girl! Found you through the blog hop.

  2. I am so going to make that play doh with Abigail either today or tomorrow! I have all the ingredients in my cabinet right now too. Score!!

    That is so amazing the ice cream man gave you free ice cream! What happy babies!

  3. It seriously made our night. Now they hear him and they are like Mom, let's go outside and play and see if he does it again. Good try kids, good try!


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