Monday, August 19, 2013

Survival tips for new moms {blogging with a purpose}

Here's a fun topic from Becky's Blogging with a Purpose, Survival Tips for New Moms.

{1} Mother knows best - Believe in yourself, your motherly instinct will kick it. Trust it. I think that was one of the hardest things when I had Aubrey. I knew something wasn't right but I would doubt myself and 9 times out of 10, I was right. Trust that you know what's right for you, your baby and your family.

{2} Cherish every moment - The good, the bad,  the ugly, those poop explosions in the middle of the night, those endless nursing sessions, it all doesn't last long. It's so cliche but they grow up so fast!!

3. Let your hubby take a shift - Even if it's while you take a shower.
Week 2-45

{4}Breast feeding- There's so much pressure from society. I formula fed and breast fed my kids and they are still alive. Do what's right for you. I will say, if you are having trouble breast feeding, go see a lactation consultant. You will be happy you did.


{5} Take help from family and friends - Seriously, you just had a baby, it's okay to take help. I was tired, sore and emotional. I think some things can become overwhelming. Caring for this new little life and take care of you and your husband. It can be a lot. Everyone wants to help. Let your Mom come over and snuggle with that precious bundle while you scarf down a hot meal. Heck, people are even willing to help with the housework. Let them help, you aren't any less of a mom!

IMG_5755 IMG_5745

{6}Take pictures - You will want to remember those moments. That moment that daddy first lays eyes on his precious little girl. Big sister meeting little sis. His tiny toes. Take too many pictures, you'll never regret having too many. Be sure to be in those pictures too. I wish someone would have reminded me of that earlier.



{7} Don't forget about your hubby -  Having a new little one is stressful. It changes things, a new dynamic. Make sure to take some time and wanted, needed and loved. Take some time for just the two of you.

{8} Make time for your other children - Both of my girls did great when we brought babies home, they were so kind and caring. Then I think once the newness wears off, is when they would act out. I would try to have one on one time with her. Bringing her to the grocery store, taking a quick trip to Sonic {plus Daddy would watch baby and he felt needed- two birds, one stone.} It's just a phase.

IMG_7037 IMG_5638

{9} Write everything down - You will think you will remember when your bundle of joy smiled for the first time or what you need to get from the store, but that pregnancy brain that you had for nine months, it turns into Mommy brain and it doesn't go away! Lists whether on paper or your phone will save your life.

{10} Lastly, you can't spoil your baby by holding her. Soak up all those late night cuddles, nap on the couch with her, rock with her a little bit longer. Before you know it, you'll be wondering where on earth your squishy newborn went.


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