Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Night Coffee Date

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I'm so thankful to be sitting here having coffee with you friend. Actually, I'd be drinking a big tall glass of water, yay clean eating. I would tell you how clean eating isn't as bad as I make it seem to Conrad. I feel like meals and snacks take more planning, which is fine, it's just blah to do it. I want to eat junk! I started drinking the Shakeology shakes too. They are pretty good considering all that's packed into them. Exercising ... is well ... it's going. I'm doing it. I feel so tired and I know exercising is supposed to give me energy but my goodness when will that energy show up? and I gave up my Cokes and Carmel Frappuccinos for 10 days. Guys, I'm dying over here.

On our date, I would apologize for being yawning so much. I would let you know how exhausted I am from our beach trip and lack of caffiene. It took me a whole day to recover. I'm feeling old y'all. I seriously laid on the couch with the kiddos watching cartoons for 3 hours. I thought I was 29 not 89. Goodness gracious. I was able to get lots of snuggles and cuddles with each kid, so it was win-win.

I would tell you about how someone from Comcast came to our door last week and suckered my husband into the new DVR box. I will admit I love being able to watch shows on any TV. Just in time for the Bachorette finale! and with it he got the sports package and oh man, he's one happy husband.

I would seriously thank you for spending some time with me. These kiddos have been crazy today. Literally. Austin is teething. Ugh stupid canine/eye teeth. Killing him and me. This kid threw crazy fits on the floor today. Over nothing. Allyson has found that she can argue about everything. We are going to have a little lawyer on our hands. "No, Mommy!" "I don't like it." She usually uses that one on things she likes. I think she means I don't want it. "No ____ Mom, No ____" She also does this really cute arm folding as she's yelling these things. And she does the classic NO, before you've even finished your sentence. Aubrey's had a tummy ache the last 2 days. Conrad was home today and he was like I don't know how you do this, Heidi. Um, I don't know how I do this. So thanks for the girl time tonight, it was desperately needed. I'd probably hug you.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I'm so excited to put together a family/school command center. I just need to get Conrad to hang stuff on  the wall. It's going to be nice and simple. A place for Aubrey and my sisters backpacks, a place for papers, Morning routine for Aubrey {oh, how we struggled with mornings} I'm more excited about this than I should be. Sign number 604 that I'm getting old.

Thanks friend for listening to me over coffee!! I've loved our time together and can't wait to see you next week!!

What would you tell me during our coffee date?

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