Monday, August 19, 2013

Potty Training Day 2&3

This potty training is no joke. 
Yesterday wore me out physically, mentally and emotionally. It almost killed me.  We are doing the 3 day potty training method. Yesterday, I followed and hung out with her all day. She held her pee in all day. Refused to go. Thank goodness for bed time. 

Put her to bed in undies that night. That morning I was ready to do it again. 
I think we are still in the who is going to give in first stage. I know she can do it. She's made it clear she wasn't going to go. She has control of herself. Now, I think I have to convince her that she wants to do this. Good luck, Heidi, she's a strong willed two year old. 
I'm not going to be the one to give in. 

Day 2 and 3 are small very teeny tiny victories. We definitely are not potty trained in 3 days but we are making steps.

Wish me luck. Send me drinks with lot of alcohol. I'll need it. 

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