Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 1 of Potty Training

Don't let this sweet face fool you, she's one stubborn little girl.


Over the weekend I was thinking and on the fence about starting to really, really potty train Allyson. These last few weeks she's been soaking through her diapers. She had begun holding her pee and then finally just letting it all go, leaving me a nice mess to clean up.

This morning when I went to get Allyson up for the morning she was soaked and crying. That was the straw that broke the camels back. We were potty training starting today. I'm going to attempt to follow the 3 day potty training method.

After I got her cleaned up and dressed, we "threw away" her diapers. I know that Allyson needs to see this part. Diapers cannot be an option, not even at night, I know! She was pretty excited to wear some Elmo panties. We talked up undies, going on the potty and all the big girl stuff. Pretty good start to the day.

We dropped Aubrey off at school and managed to stay dry. Now the real test was going to Target. I was already planning on going, I had my short list, we headed off. I knew that with the 3 day method, I was supposed to stay home but I didn't have an another option. Anyway, she did great in Target, stayed dry the whole time until the ride home. It was literally like a minute away from home when she peed. No biggie though.

Got cleaned up and moved past it.

Lunch time.

Her little bottom in undies is so darn cute!

So it had been about 2 hours since the car seat incident, I asked if she had to go. Nope, I'm dry Mommy. Ok then!

Four hours....five hours....six hours....

She spent time on the potty, probably just so she could play Minion Rush.

She would tell me she had to go, but she didn't want to actually go.


"I don't yike it!"

"No potty!"

"I all done."

I heard all of those things about a million times this afternoon.

Well 9 hours and 15 minutes later she peed on the potty. Thank you Jesus! She was so proud. We called Papa & Nana and Auntie Candice. We clapped, danced and acted silly. Her smile was just ear to ear.

15 minutes later, she peed her pants, I tried to run her to the bathroom to finish but we didn't make it. About 10 minutes after that, she tried pooping but when she sat on the potty she refused to go. No biggie. I knew pooping was going to be tough, well that all of this would be tough. I am choosing to remain positive and hopeful. I know with Aubrey I was discouraged quickly and even in some past half way attempts with Allyson, I was getting upset over it.

Potty training is probably the most frustrating thing I've had to deal with as a Mom. This time though, I feel more ready mentally. I'm prepared. There will be messes to clean, she will have accidents and I will be frustrated.

Now for bedtime tonight, she's in underwear. I picked up these cool bed mats at Target. They stick to the bed, so there's no moving around when she moves. That way in the middle of the night instead of changing the sheets, I'll just have to stick a new mat on there. I feel like I'm cheating with this. Ha! Hopefully I won't have to change them.

Well it's 11:00 and I haven't heard a peep, I'm jinxing myself, I'm sure.

Here's to a dry, silent night!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! We need any help we can get. Lol.

  2. I swear potty training is a battle of the wills! We just have to break then before they break us! Once I start potty training Isla, I am going to want to know more about those bed mats. They sound amazing.

  3. I'm trying to win. I keep counting down til bedtime. Just make it through. Survive lol.

  4. Ha... oh, potty training... how i loathe thee...

    Praying your sweet girl gets it soon and that you are able to keep up your positive attitude!!


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