Friday, August 16, 2013

Coffee Date Friday

It's Friday!! This week was a full week of school and a full week of potty training. It's been a doozy of a week.  I'm exhausted and could definitely use some time to hang out with a friend.

So if we were on a coffee date this afternoon, I would be enjoying my carmel frappuccino. If we were meeting up, I would tell you...

... that Conrad got his epidural for his back scheduled. Amazing right?? I'm beyond thrilled. It's on the 27th. Bad news is that the last couple days his leg has started to feel numb. At one appointment they said that if he loses feeling in his leg {it's from whatever in his back pressing on the nerve that goes down his leg.} then he'll need surgery. We are so trying to avoid that, so friend, if you wouldn't mind praying, good vibes and thoughts our way, I would really appreciate it.

... with Aubrey at school & Austin napping from 11-2, Allyson and I get some one on one time and I can tell she's enjoying it just as much as I am. I'm preparing to take her binky away, so she's been without a paci more and more and this little girl says some hilarious stuff.  When she wants me to pick her up, she will lay on the floor and say "Mommy, I'm stuck help me." When she tries to turn on light switches she will say "Mommy, I need help, I'm too small." That girl...

... Austin is teething and clingy. I'm ready for all of his teeth to be in already.

... Aubrey is LOVING school. She's not too thrilled that I don't always feel like walking to school. Sometimes that walk home with Austin and Ally is just too much for me because trying to get them both to walk in the same direction, close to impossible.

...I'm really really trying to focus on enjoying this season in life. Potty training and teething sucks but Austin is a little more cuddly. Aubrey is independent. She's a great help, most of the time. Sometimes she forgets who is the Mom. She'll read to the little ones while I make dinner or what not. Allyson is keeping me on my toes. She won't always be this way. It's just so hard not to wish this time away. I know once it's gone though, I can't get it back, so I'm trying to choose joy.

So my friend, what would you share with me? What are your plans this weekend?
I know my hubby wants to have some Krispy Kreme donuts tomorrow, that's about it for us. Hopefully a relaxing weekend.

Happy Friday, my friends!

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  1. Choose Joy! That's such a wonderful phrase. I think we all need to be more conscious of choosing joy. This weekend I'm planning to catch up with a few friends and my aunt and uncle on my trip home before I leave in a week's time again. X


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