Saturday, August 10, 2013

Aubrey's first day of 1st grade

Thursday was the big day, Aubrey headed to 1st grade. We were both pretty excited about it. She was ready to see her friends, be able to eat lunch at school everyday, and a new playground, what more could a six year old ask for?  I was ready for little miss to be busy, be challenged, be with kids her age {so she wasn't fighting with the littles}



At first she said she wanted to be Doc McStuffin. When I asked again she said a vet, like Doc McStuffin, Mom! Alrighty!


After pictures we headed off to school.

Back story, last year at Open House we checked out the first grade classes, met the teachers, tried to ease fears she was having about leaving kindergarten. We met all of the teachers and on the walk home asked which teacher she wanted. She said the first teacher, just any teacher not the man. Conrad and I really like Mr. Wright. Just the things that he said, about challenging the kids and what not.

So Wednesday when we found out Aubrey was in Mr. Wright's she wasn't thrilled. We talked it up and Aubrey seemed to be ok with it. She said she was only a "teeny tiny bit nervous but a lot excited".


One last picture then it was time to hit the road. We said our goodbyes and left.

We don't live to far from school, but with Allyson walking it takes a while. She was walking and turned to say, "Mommy, take my picture."

After the picture, I decided to let Austin out of the stroller and he could walk home, it was only like 5 house away.

Isn't this the best picture of Austin??? I love it. He's saying cheese.  This is my favorite!!
We finally made it home. Had a play date with some amazing mommas. Lunch was made and some TV was watched.

It was finally time to pick up Aubrey. I couldn't wait to hear about her day.


Isn't this just the sweetest picture of the girls. When they weren't racing down the street they were walking next to each other talking. Oh how sweet, they missed each other.

Bubba was pretty quiet on the walk home. Once we got home I figured out why.

Oh sweet boy! Don't worry, I have his other shoe.

Aubrey had a great day. She thought that having THREE recesses was pretty awesome. She had 2 of her bestest friends in her class and made new friends. Having lunch at school was fun and couldn't wait to do it again.

I'm so glad you like it sweetie because you will be spending a lot of time there!

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