Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aubrey's 1st grade Back to School Interview

How on earth did my little girl get so big? I mean seriously. She's huge.
 She's at school a full day now and she's loving it. She's like this independent kid who no longer needs me for anything. Cue the tears.


I feel like I was never really too great at posting on Aubrey's birthday, milestone, kind of stuff. Maybe it's because I did a monthly thing for Ally and Austin and didn't do it for her... I don't know but I do feel bad. Well good old Pinterest saved the day. I found this cute little back to school survey thing, perfect timing right?

So thought it was so much fun to do an "interview" and asks me almost every morning to do one with her. She loves to talk about herself, boy am I in trouble.


Name and age: Aubrey, 6 years old
Best Friend: Owen
Favorite color: Magenta
When I grow up I want to be: a Vet


Favorite snack: That's a tough one Mom, I like a lot of snacks. 
Favorite cereal: Captain Crunch
Favorite book: My Hello Kitty book


Favorite Holiday: My birthday and Christmas 
Favorite  food: Peanut butter and jelly
Least favorite food: Chalupa
Favorite game: Memory


3 words that describe me: smart, crazy and awesome!!


She is doing great. Loves her class, new friends, her teacher. She loves having lunch time at school and THREE recess', can you guess what her favorite part is? Enjoy it while it last sweet girl!

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  1. How sweet is this! I def have to do this with my son for his kindergarten post!!! So sweet! shes a doll!
    My 2 owls


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