Tuesday, August 6, 2013

1st Beach trip

We crossed something else off of our Summer to do list, beach trip!! This is the one that Aubrey and Allyson were most excited for. I was excited but scared to see how the little ones would do with the sand and birds.

We headed to Half Moon Bay. We got there around 11:30am. Which was perfect because we were planning on going and looking at tide pools.

IMG_3439 IMG_3438

Austin wasn't too sure about the sand and water and wanted to be held for a while. When I was finally able to put him down he was happy sticking his hands in the sand and rubbing them together. He was so happy! There's a  cute video on instagram @mommynpink doing it.


Then I turned to look at Allyson, who also wasn't too sure about the sand and the water. I turned around and my little guy broke down.

Showing me some seashells.


I want to say that Aubrey had no interest in the tide pools but that's not entirely true. She was so excited about finding shells and wanting to make a sand castle.


We got there right before low tide but were able to see some pretty cool things. Hermit crabs, a big crab and little fish or something fish-like. We left though because it was too hard to carry the little ones and Aubrey wasn't really caring.

We headed down to a different beach and Aubrey was in heaven! Barely ate her lunch because she just wanted to play in the ocean.

I managed to get 1 picture of the kids together, never mind that only Aubrey is looking.


Austin had a blast playing with the sand and the bucket. He scooped the sand in and dumped it out. When there wasn't sand in the bucket he was putting it on his head.
IMG_3493 IMG_3501 IMG_3525

Allyson enjoyed the beach. She didn't warm up to the sand until the end. She was content sitting on the blanket and playing with the sand. She really tried to not be bothered by the seagulls. Oh bless her heart, she was say "hi baby goose!" (from Little Einsteins) if they got too close she would cry. Them squawking really upset her. As long as they kept their distance she was good.

We took her down to the water and she wasn't a fan. Austin let us stick his feet in. Aubrey had a blast. I know if it was warmer, it was only 59*, she would have been in the water. Aubrey spent most of her time down at the water with my mom and sister.



Aubrey did get to make a sand castle... Mommy just didn't get a picture of it though. The kids did great on the car rides there and back. Over all it was a very successful trip!! It was a very nice way to wrap up Aubrey's summer vacation.



  1. I love that picture of Austin with the shovel in his mouth! Crazy kid! And I'm glad the beach trip was a success and fun time.

  2. Hahaha.. I love that same photo as Jessica! Really they are all such great photos and sounds like a fun trip making great memories with your precious babes!!


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