Friday, August 23, 2013

Baby boy is 17 months

There isn't much baby left in Austin and thinking about it makes me sad.  I wish I could freeze time right now. Bottle all of his cuteness up. He's at the best age. He's even probably the easiest of the three right now. Ok, kinda. He just doesn't talk back and right now that's a big plus.


This boy LOVES food. If he hears the pantry open or the word snack, he comes running with his hand out, trying to sign please, saying "help", boy just wants his food! He's not picky. He will eat anything. Seriously. I don't know where this kid put this food because the amount he eat, boy should be rolly poly but he's not. He really enjoys those pouch food, and I really think that's why he is so open to trying new things.

He loves drinking from a straw.

When we say that we need to go, he runs to go get his shoes.  He sits patiently while I put them on.
Now that he's caught on to the we need shoes to go some where, he brings me his shoes, like hint hint momma, let go.

He's also started to not like being in the shopping cart or held. When we are out and about he wants to walk. It's not too bad except for when we really need to get going. It makes picking up Aubrey lots of fun.

He loves the schools buses. When they pull past us he gets so excited, points and waves. He's even trying to say bus. Us-us
He loves being outside. He likes playing with the shovel and pail in the backyard, digging in the dirt and catching bubbles. He's loves the little cozy coupe car. Loves throwing the ball at the basketball hoop. Chasing after the balls. He stops when the neighbor dogs bark and wants to go to the fence to see them.

These curls and his eye lashes he has, just kills me. They are gorgeous!! I go back and forth about wanting to get his hair cut, I can't imagine him without his long golden hair. I know that part of his baby look comes from his long curly hair. If we cut it then he'll be big boy official, and I don't know if my heart can take that. plus then we'll have to cut it often and keep it up. But I know that a spikey do' on him would be insanely cute too. #momproblems

He's so cuddly and loving. He lays his head on my shoulder and pats my back when I ask for a hug. He gives the best kisses. Conrad taught him how to blow kisses. Sweetest thing ever!!!

In the evening when Conrad get home from work, Austin will hear the garage door open and run to the door and shower Conrad with hugs,kisses and high fives.  I know they both really enjoy that moment every day.
He is always in a good mood unless it's past bedtime, then put this guy to bed, stat! We still rock him to sleep, so we get nightly cuddles with the little dude. He's sleeping about 11-12 hours and takes a 2.5-3 hour nap every day.

Since we've starting potty training Allyson, Austin has shown interest in the potty. Oh, we are no where near potty training him, but he likes to sit on the little kid potty. He likes to flush the toilet. When he hears Allyson say potty or bathroom, he takes off running to the bathroom. He waves and says bye bye.

It's so fun to see his little mind work. One of his favorite things is to get into the drawer that has the little kids cups. He will stack them, bangs them together and tries to put the straw in the hole. He takes his toys or his binky and will see what will fit in each cup. When something fits he tries putting the lid on and shaking it. I don't think the girls ever did this, so it's kinda of neat to see these little differences between them.

He loves watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Little Einsteins, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aubrey's 1st grade Back to School Interview

How on earth did my little girl get so big? I mean seriously. She's huge.
 She's at school a full day now and she's loving it. She's like this independent kid who no longer needs me for anything. Cue the tears.


I feel like I was never really too great at posting on Aubrey's birthday, milestone, kind of stuff. Maybe it's because I did a monthly thing for Ally and Austin and didn't do it for her... I don't know but I do feel bad. Well good old Pinterest saved the day. I found this cute little back to school survey thing, perfect timing right?

So thought it was so much fun to do an "interview" and asks me almost every morning to do one with her. She loves to talk about herself, boy am I in trouble.


Name and age: Aubrey, 6 years old
Best Friend: Owen
Favorite color: Magenta
When I grow up I want to be: a Vet


Favorite snack: That's a tough one Mom, I like a lot of snacks. 
Favorite cereal: Captain Crunch
Favorite book: My Hello Kitty book


Favorite Holiday: My birthday and Christmas 
Favorite  food: Peanut butter and jelly
Least favorite food: Chalupa
Favorite game: Memory


3 words that describe me: smart, crazy and awesome!!


She is doing great. Loves her class, new friends, her teacher. She loves having lunch time at school and THREE recess', can you guess what her favorite part is? Enjoy it while it last sweet girl!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Survival tips for new moms {blogging with a purpose}

Here's a fun topic from Becky's Blogging with a Purpose, Survival Tips for New Moms.

{1} Mother knows best - Believe in yourself, your motherly instinct will kick it. Trust it. I think that was one of the hardest things when I had Aubrey. I knew something wasn't right but I would doubt myself and 9 times out of 10, I was right. Trust that you know what's right for you, your baby and your family.

{2} Cherish every moment - The good, the bad,  the ugly, those poop explosions in the middle of the night, those endless nursing sessions, it all doesn't last long. It's so cliche but they grow up so fast!!

3. Let your hubby take a shift - Even if it's while you take a shower.
Week 2-45

{4}Breast feeding- There's so much pressure from society. I formula fed and breast fed my kids and they are still alive. Do what's right for you. I will say, if you are having trouble breast feeding, go see a lactation consultant. You will be happy you did.


{5} Take help from family and friends - Seriously, you just had a baby, it's okay to take help. I was tired, sore and emotional. I think some things can become overwhelming. Caring for this new little life and take care of you and your husband. It can be a lot. Everyone wants to help. Let your Mom come over and snuggle with that precious bundle while you scarf down a hot meal. Heck, people are even willing to help with the housework. Let them help, you aren't any less of a mom!

IMG_5755 IMG_5745

{6}Take pictures - You will want to remember those moments. That moment that daddy first lays eyes on his precious little girl. Big sister meeting little sis. His tiny toes. Take too many pictures, you'll never regret having too many. Be sure to be in those pictures too. I wish someone would have reminded me of that earlier.



{7} Don't forget about your hubby -  Having a new little one is stressful. It changes things, a new dynamic. Make sure to take some time and wanted, needed and loved. Take some time for just the two of you.

{8} Make time for your other children - Both of my girls did great when we brought babies home, they were so kind and caring. Then I think once the newness wears off, is when they would act out. I would try to have one on one time with her. Bringing her to the grocery store, taking a quick trip to Sonic {plus Daddy would watch baby and he felt needed- two birds, one stone.} It's just a phase.

IMG_7037 IMG_5638

{9} Write everything down - You will think you will remember when your bundle of joy smiled for the first time or what you need to get from the store, but that pregnancy brain that you had for nine months, it turns into Mommy brain and it doesn't go away! Lists whether on paper or your phone will save your life.

{10} Lastly, you can't spoil your baby by holding her. Soak up all those late night cuddles, nap on the couch with her, rock with her a little bit longer. Before you know it, you'll be wondering where on earth your squishy newborn went.


Potty Training Day 2&3

This potty training is no joke. 
Yesterday wore me out physically, mentally and emotionally. It almost killed me.  We are doing the 3 day potty training method. Yesterday, I followed and hung out with her all day. She held her pee in all day. Refused to go. Thank goodness for bed time. 

Put her to bed in undies that night. That morning I was ready to do it again. 
I think we are still in the who is going to give in first stage. I know she can do it. She's made it clear she wasn't going to go. She has control of herself. Now, I think I have to convince her that she wants to do this. Good luck, Heidi, she's a strong willed two year old. 
I'm not going to be the one to give in. 

Day 2 and 3 are small very teeny tiny victories. We definitely are not potty trained in 3 days but we are making steps.

Wish me luck. Send me drinks with lot of alcohol. I'll need it. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Potty Training through iphone pics

What a week it's been. It's been slowly getting better, she's catching on. There are less tears from her and I. I'm working on a real post but for now, some highlights from the week.

Sissy helping pick out some new panties. 

Someone had to wear her ladybug bug boots to pick up sister and then peed, and cried because her boots were wet. Gross. Toddler Problems, y'all! 

Some play time outside because Mommy couldn't handle cleaning another pee mess. 

She thought she was pretty funny... Mommy did not. 

and finally a reward! A big goofy!! 

Can I just say that I'm thankful that this week is over. We have survived. New for next week! Bring it, by it, I mean coffee and an easier week. 

Night my dear friends! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Coffee Date Friday

It's Friday!! This week was a full week of school and a full week of potty training. It's been a doozy of a week.  I'm exhausted and could definitely use some time to hang out with a friend.

So if we were on a coffee date this afternoon, I would be enjoying my carmel frappuccino. If we were meeting up, I would tell you...

... that Conrad got his epidural for his back scheduled. Amazing right?? I'm beyond thrilled. It's on the 27th. Bad news is that the last couple days his leg has started to feel numb. At one appointment they said that if he loses feeling in his leg {it's from whatever in his back pressing on the nerve that goes down his leg.} then he'll need surgery. We are so trying to avoid that, so friend, if you wouldn't mind praying, good vibes and thoughts our way, I would really appreciate it.

... with Aubrey at school & Austin napping from 11-2, Allyson and I get some one on one time and I can tell she's enjoying it just as much as I am. I'm preparing to take her binky away, so she's been without a paci more and more and this little girl says some hilarious stuff.  When she wants me to pick her up, she will lay on the floor and say "Mommy, I'm stuck help me." When she tries to turn on light switches she will say "Mommy, I need help, I'm too small." That girl...

... Austin is teething and clingy. I'm ready for all of his teeth to be in already.

... Aubrey is LOVING school. She's not too thrilled that I don't always feel like walking to school. Sometimes that walk home with Austin and Ally is just too much for me because trying to get them both to walk in the same direction, close to impossible.

...I'm really really trying to focus on enjoying this season in life. Potty training and teething sucks but Austin is a little more cuddly. Aubrey is independent. She's a great help, most of the time. Sometimes she forgets who is the Mom. She'll read to the little ones while I make dinner or what not. Allyson is keeping me on my toes. She won't always be this way. It's just so hard not to wish this time away. I know once it's gone though, I can't get it back, so I'm trying to choose joy.

So my friend, what would you share with me? What are your plans this weekend?
I know my hubby wants to have some Krispy Kreme donuts tomorrow, that's about it for us. Hopefully a relaxing weekend.

Happy Friday, my friends!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


At least someone is smiling through the pain today.

Potty training and teething toddlers... ahhh motherhood!