Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Morning Coffee

Ahhh what a weekend it's been. If we were getting ready to sit down for coffee I would tell you to just give it to me through an IV, I'm exhausted.

I would tell you about my "girls night" with an amazing group of friends. We went to a Giants game. It was so much fun. Lots of laughs and lots of food. Didn't get home until 1:30?

I was wiped out on Saturday. Conrad let me sleep in. He got up and had a boys day with his dad and brother. I was on the couch watching TV with the kidlets until like noon. I couldn't stop wondering when did I get so old. Why wasn't I bouncing back? The kids and I enjoyed lots of snuggles and a picnic lunch on the living room floor.

If you asked how my fitness stuff is going, I would tell you that I have a 10 day sample of Shakeology on it's way to me. I'm going to see how that works. August 1st is D-day. Wish me luck! Clean eating here I come.

I would tell you that I've been sitting down in the morning and making lists, planning out my day and it's been so amazing. There isn't a million things going on in my head. I feel like I can think clearly. I'm in the process of making a family/school command center for the playroom. There's a few things from last year that we had trouble with in the mornings and hopefully this will help Aubrey and myself. Don't worry friend, I'll keep you posted.

I would ask how your weekend was and I would definitely be ordering another drink because I'm still recovering from the weekend. Have a great week friends!

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