Monday, July 15, 2013

If I were to win the lottery... Blogging with a purpose

If I were to win the lottery and we are talking hitting it big... I'm pretty sure I'd take the money up front.

Pay off our debt.. I know that's not a fun answer but definitely need to do that. Ahh to be bill free.. amazing!

Buy a house... I don't think we'd get anything to crazy. I just want rooms for each kid. A guest room. A playroom that I could lock them in. A big backyard for the kiddos to run around and play and also room for a pool. Maybe we will just build a house somewhere!

Vacation to Disney for the whole family. My sisters, Momma and Conrad's fam too. That would be sooo much fun!

A vacation for just for the hubs and me. 2 weeks somewhere. No diaper changes, no early wake up, not cooking at all. A much needed break for C and I.
A vacation for my mommy friends too. Definitely some pampering and retail therapy!!!

Money for our parents to retire ... now! Give them the chance to spend time with grandbabies and just to be able to enjoy life and go on awesome vacations. And who do you think will be watching my babies while Conrad and I are on vacation?

New cars... I don't "need" a new car but I sure would like one. Now Conrad on the other hand, needs a new car. His car is older than dirt. Conrad dreams all things cars so I'm sure he has some kind of ridiculous car picked out. I'd totally buy my sissy a car too! Happy birthday Tess!

Put money away for the kids college... 'nuff said!

Weddings for the Aubrey & Allyson ... a must!

Shopping... Since we are dreaming I would definietly do some damage. Aubrey is at the age where she is starting to enjoy shopping and it's not so boring, definitely have a girls day to shop, and eat yummy food.

There's my list! Ahhh to be debt free is enough to make me happy!

What would you do if you hit the jackpot??

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