Monday, July 29, 2013

If I could turn back time {Blogging with a purpose}

Another Monday, another blogging with a purpose with Becky and friends.

This weeks prompt is if I could turn back time. I wouldn't go back in time and redo anything. I really believe that everything happens for a reason. If I got the chance to go back in time, I would want to re-live a time in my life.

 I think I would go back to 2005, when Conrad and I got married. It was seriously the best. We both were working {and worked together}, we didn't have any real responsibilities, we were just young and in love.

Oh my! Look how young we look! Oh man!

 We would stay up late and sleep all day.  Days off were spent being lazy. I remember spending days and days in bed watching Friends on DVD. Sleeping right through lunch. Naps whenever I wanted. We had our own apartment. It was always so clean and tidy. It was just so easy, so carefree.


When we got married though there was that desire for a family. Little kids to fill our house and help make it a home. I remember talking with Conrad about wanting to hurry up and have babies. I remember being so mad that he wanted to wait and just enjoy the time just us two. Oh boy, I wish I would have listened. I love my kiddos dearly, but I would kill if I could just have one more month or year with just Conrad and I. {as long as I knew I could get the same kids because I really wouldn't trade these guys for anything} Oh, but those moments.

I'm so glad that there isn't a way to turn back time. It helps me to appreciate what I have.



  1. Such a great post... I totally understand! Wish Gav and i would have had a little more time to be married and just the two of us first too! haha... but wouldn't trade it for the world.

    and oh my goodness... that photo of you kissing on the beach is amazing! you both look so young and the sand and waves just make it beautiful!

  2. I love these pictures of you two! Especially the one of you kissing on the beach. So cute! And I agree, married time before responsibility is the best!


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