Friday, July 19, 2013

Baby Clothes Quilt

I'm one of those people that has baby clothes in bins and bins {and bins}stuffed in a closet and out in the garage too. I just can't bare to part with them though. So many memories wrapped up in them. Cuddling with a sweet babe fresh out of the bath, outfit changes due to blowouts, and teeny tiny outfits.

So I couldn't bare to part with these and the plan was to keep them until the kiddos were older and give to them. Great idea right? Then one day Conrad's mom brought over a box of old outfits of Conrad's and I was like ... umm what are we supposed to do with these?!!? A light bulb went off and I was like oh ... hmmm... that's me in 25 years ... uh oh!

Off to Pinterest I went. A Quilt made out of baby clothes is what my newest project is.


Let me tell you that cutting these things up was so tough. So tough.


I got through about 1/2 of it before I ran out of interfacing. I'm really excited to see the end result. I hope it's everything I'm imagining it to be. I can't wait to have it these little reminders out and I can show the kids what they wore and remind them of special times we shared together.

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