Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Austin's 16 month update

How is it really that he is already 16 months?? I know that I act surprised every month, but I just can't get over it. My babies are getting so big and losing their babyness about them.


Not too much has changed in the last month. I think it's safe for me to say that he's sleeping through the night. It only took forever. He goes down about 7:30-8:00, Daddy rocks him to sleep, oh we finally broke him of the bottle. He sleeps til about 6:00-6:15am most days. He takes one nap in the afternoon. Sometimes that's right at noon and sometimes it's more like 2pm. He will sleep for a good 2 hours, sometimes longer. 

He's still rear facing in the car. He loves seeing his sister. Plus every now and then they will throw some food at him. 

He thinks taking monthly pictures is a joke. He runs away with the biggest smile on his face. I plop him on the couch and he just stares me down, like you just wait Mom! 

Getting him after his nap is just best. He's in the best mood. He will be goofy and giggly. Playful. 


This boy likes to play ball too. He throws his basketball every time we try to take pictures. There are a few baseballs around the house and he loves to throw them and then run after them. Bouncy balls are a hit here too.

He loves to run and play{and scream} with his sisters. He tries to keep up with them and does a pretty darn good job. Aubrey went camping a few weeks back and Austin and Allyson played so nicely while she was gone. He did start pulling her hair, so that was fun. Aubrey definitely tries to be his momma. She tries to pick him up and he lets her know that he does not like it!

It is soooo much fun buying boy clothes. There's just something about how easy it seems to be to dress him. Just throw something on him and some shoes, he's good for the day. and he's creeping up into the bigger clothes. Like more little boy looking than baby and I absolutely love it. Like this shirt, probably a new favorite of mine.

Austin being 16 months is so crazy for me because the kids are 16 months apart. He's the age that Allyson was when he was born. I feel like Allyson was more grown up than he is. At the time of his birth though I remember her being such a baby. It's just so weird to have come to this point. Allyson has gotten so much bigger and here he is walking around, playing and it's just nuts.

Slow down kids. I know I always say I can't wait for the day when you guys can bathe yourself or make your own breakfast, but really guys I don't mind doing it. In fact, I love it. Please stay little forever!

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