Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Swim - Day 2

So I wasn't really planning on posting pictures every day but there are too many cute ones not to share.

Enjoy the cuteness!



Aubrey did so well today. I can tell she's more comfortable in the water! She's dunking her head under water like a pro. When she's finished with her task she looks over with the biggest smile and a thumbs up. It's so funny! I don't know how I haven't snapped a picture of it. She's liking it so much I'm going to sign her up for another session.


It hit me today how big Allyson is getting. Today she was following Aubrey and Cianna around the playground. She was one of the big girls. Climbing up ladders and sliding down the slides. Just weeks ago, she would have wanted my help or been afraid once she realized how high up she was. Not the case today. 

She's talking like crazy. She understands so much. It's been over night. It's crazy! The only thing that keeps her a "baby" is her diapers. Other than that, she's a kid. 



and this boy. Oh, he loved the playing in the wood chips. Throwing them, eating them and trying to hand them to mommy. Such a little boy!

 He enjoyed some time in the swing. Look at his hair. I just love it. I don't think I'm ever going to be able to cut those locks!


He enjoyed it so much that he fell asleep.