Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer To-do {Farmer's Market & Summer Reading}

I made a list of fun things to do this summer and had it posted on the last day of school. Aubrey took that as we needed to do something EVERY DAY. For the first week she asked, "so which one are we doing today?" Then would stomp off with a "NO FAIR!" if she didn't like my answer. We've done a few.

Last Thursday we headed to Farmer's Market. Aubrey was super excited to go then we got there and she was disappointed. I don't know what she expected buy she definitely wasn't happy about being here.

IMG_2512 IMG_2516 IMG_2511

Little guy has been a cranky mood so it was nice to get out. He enjoyed people watching and chowing down on some samples.


We headed to the library since it was conveniently right next to Farmer's Market. She spent some time on the computer while I picked out a few books for her and Allyson. We picked up a Junie B. Jones chapter book that I'm looking forward to reading with her.

We signed her up for the summer reading program.

Headed home made some lunch while all three of them took turns melting down. Ahhh... summer vacation!

Next on our summer to do list, swim lessons. Aubrey starts on Monday.


  1. Let Aubrey know I feel the same way about farmers market, always excited to go, but feel a little let down when I get there.

  2. HA! I definitely will. Conrad had mentioned wanting kettle corn and Aubrey over heard and said "Do I have to go to? Can I just stay home?" So she won't be coming with next time. lol.


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