Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First day of swim

Aubrey has been looking forward to today. She's been so excited about swim, not swim lessons but swim, like Auntie Tess went to. Get it right, Mom!


The kids were driving me bonkers this morning. So we headed to the park early to play.


Austin banged on those chime like thing for the longest time!

30 minutes late we ready for swim.

Aubrey swim
She took to the water like a pro. Her instructor asked her to go underwater and this girl plugged her nose like she's been doing it forever. She hasn't. She hates water in face. If we convince her, she barely sticks her face in the water. She dunked her head the water not only once but  multiple times!! And to think I was worried about her not wanting to do anything, she sure showed me!

The park had a water feature but it wasn't working and I promised the kids we would play in the water, we packed up and headed to one close by. Aubrey is so good at the "BUT MOM!! You said!!!" Ugh and Allyson has started chiming in.."Promise Mom" in her sweet little voice. These girls are going to be trouble in their teen years.

All three had a great time in the water. Austin had more fun playing the drums. We headed home for lunch and I could tell the kids were exhausted. I was hoping that meant good naps for all, including me. Not the case, only Austin napped.

Hopefully they will all sleep well tonight and sleep in tomorrow. Geez, now I'm really dreaming!

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