Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Austin is 15 months

Oh Austin, you are 15 months old now. This month you seem so much older. You aren't much of a baby, your more of a little boy. I love watching you grow and get bigger but it seems like it's happening at lighting speed lately. I don't like that!

So a little about you this month ...

You don't like sitting still for pictures
You like to cuddle.
Daddy rocks you to sleep like 98% of the time. I know this is Daddy's favorite part of the day and I'm pretty certain, it's yours too.
You still love your paci. You take it out to give kisses and then shove it in your mouth.


You can climb on the couch. Yea, I had a heart attack when I walked in to see you on the couch.
You make silly faces
You run around the house trying to keep up with your sisters. Or trying to stay away from them :)
You LOVE bath time. When I say anything about taking a bath or bath time you take off down the hallway pointing at the door.


A few days after climbing on the couch you figured out how to climb off
You wave and blow kisses to daddy every morning
You still take a bottle at bedtime
You like watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with sister. You will point at the screen and then look at me and push my head so I can see what you are seeing. It's so cute!!

You like to figure stuff out. New toys, pushing a straw through the hole in the lid, stacking toys. You are a smart little guy!
You drink from a sippy, you prefer a cup with a straw
You have the best smile
You sign yes but shake your head for no

You are very ticklish & the belly laughs you give are simply amazing!
You love your sisters. You and Ally play so nicely together. I know you two will be great friends in life
You have 11 teeth
You LOVE to brush your teeth, you cry when it's time to stop

You love being outside
You like getting dirty
You love playing with basketballs and bouncing balls. You entertain yourself for quite awhile. You throw the ball and laugh as you run to get it.

You are in 18 month clothes
You sleep about 10 hours at night and take one big nap.
Oh boy, you love to eat! You aren't too picky. You know when you don't want something. You eat every veggie under the sun and I love that!

Daddy and I love you so very much, Austin!!

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  1. That first picture is about my most favorite picture ever. So stinking cute. You have a little knock out on your hands.


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