Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Aubrey's Kindergarten Graduation

Where does time go these days? How is my sweet little bundle of joy, graduating from kindergarten already? It feels like just last week I was walking her to her first day of school and now here we are at her last day. 


They had a graduation for the kindergarteners and oh boy, was it cute! 


They got a cute little diploma. Shook hands with the principal and vice principal. The look on all their little faces was the best. They were all so proud. The teachers were so emotional and I was too. Listening to how far the students have come just from last August. Learning to be in a classroom, using scissors, practicing writing letters now working putting words together. This is the beginning of their education. 


I made a banner and put it on the front door before heading to the school. It took Aubrey a minute to notice and then she was excited. Allyson got in on the picture taking. 
Look at that attitude from her. I'm in trouble. 

Running through the banner didn't go as we planned. Took a couple tries before she ripped through the banner. I guess I taped one side better than I thought, oops! 

I also have a poster board full of fun things we plan on doing this summer. Aubrey seems to think we have to do something each day or it's going to be a "BORING day!" How long until school starts up again? 

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  1. That last day of school picture is like "hello miss grown up!" Too fast Aubrey, too fast!


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