Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Aubrey's 6th birthday

Why does six years old seem so old to me? This girl always has something to say. She is sassy. She's got attitude. She is smart little cookie too. She just makes my heart melt. She's so kind. So loving.

We celebrated her birthday on the 8th. She told me that morning that she would be taking the day off today too. You know since I had my birthday and Mother's Day off. She would be taking today off too. Psh, yea right little girl!


We celebrated Hello Kitty style! I made Hello Kitty ears for the girls, and some of us adults, to wear. They were so cute and easy peasy to make.


We played pin the bow on Hello Kitty. I was too busy spinning and laughing at the little kids that I didn't take any pictures of them

We also played musical chairs. Instead of chairs, I painted paw prints on card board circles. My sweet little niece didn't quite get it. She was so upset that she was losing. We let her win the last game :)


Present time!

Aubrey's facial expressions this year were great! Pure excitement with every present she unwrapped.

Cupcake time!

Oh sweet Aubrey,
I can't believe you are six years old. I feel like I've blinked and you've grown so much. You are interested in makeup (lip sticks and nail polish), you love to bring your wallet and purse any where we go. You are becoming such a little lady. My baby is growing up. I treasure the times that you want me to cuddle with you in bed. You seem to be asking less often. I love those moments when you ask me for help because you need me less now. I remember wanting you to get bigger and be more independent and here I am wishing it didn't happen so quickly. Slow down a bit, baby girl.

Happy 6th birthday Aubrey!!

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