Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I know these are supposed to be wordless but I feel like I can't help but remember this moment.

Allyson was building a tower of books. She finished and proudly got up and shouted "A present tower. A tower for sissy." Aubrey was at school at the time. She protected this tower like it was her job. If Austin came near she would tell him "No bubba!! Sissy's present!"

What really made it so special to me is that Allyson doesn't do too well in the sharing department. When we picked up Aubrey, Allyson told her that a present was at home. Allyson's face lit up when we showed Aubrey the tower. Aubrey asked Allyson if they could knock it over and they did with laughter. The three of them rebuilt that tower and knocked it down for quite awhile before lunch was ready. It was just so sweet to stand back and watch this interaction between them.

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  1. I love the diaper peaking out! And, glad to hear Ally is working on sharing. That is a constant struggle in our house.


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