Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

Being a mom of girls is such a blessing ...

...and filled with drama.

We spent most of the day out the house because the electric company was doing maintenance and were shutting the power off from 9AM-3PM. Way too long for me.

One of our errands was stopping at the Post Office. These girls. They were such angels inside. We walk outside and they sat on the bench while I put Austin in the van. Two seconds into sitting on the bench they started arguing. What were they fighting over? See that sign right there? There's a picture of a man on it. Aubrey said it was Santa. Ally said a grandpa.



"Santaaaa...owwww!! Mom!!"

I finish buckling Austin into his seat. Look over and Allyson is holding a chunk of Aubrey's hair. Aubrey is in tears. Ally is screaming. 

I guess Allyson thought it was Grandpa and didn't like that Aubrey was saying it was Santa and pulled her hair. Aubrey pushed Allyson away, and little miss didn't like that. Like the good mom I am, I took out my phone to remember this moment. 

Soon it's going to be fighting over clothes, or friends or Why does she have to come? She's sooo embarrassing! I'll take this moment over all the teenage stuff that's coming up. I can still get them to hug and make up and we can be on our with our day. 

Just so you know, they were BFFs the rest of the night. 

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