Friday, May 24, 2013

What's working?

Wahoo!! It's Friday! I've made it through 5 days of hand washing and line drying my flats!

So what's working for us? 

The pad fold is my go to. They come off the line and get pad folded and stuffed in a cover or in the basket. Ready for that next diaper change. At night time 2 pad folded flats go into the cover and BAM  they are ready. It's simple and easy. Plus, I'm lazy.

The flour sack towels that I bought for the challenge are doing great!! I am really impressed and for a $1 a diaper... such a steal! We tie dyed a couple, yesterday. They are so cute!! I can't wait to try it on Austin!!

The weather has been great! The flats dry so quickly out on the line!!

What's not working? 
Large loads. I've found that I need to do smaller loads. Larger loads are tough. Tough my arms and tough on finding time to do it and make sure they are clean. Especially if they include poopy diapers. I also figured out I need to unfold the diapers when I was putting in the bucket.

When the flats come off the line they are a bit crunchy. At first it was really annoying to scrunch them and twist them to make them soft again. It was the second or third day that the kids saw me snapping them and asked to do it too. Why, of course!! That's now their job and they LOVE it.

Overall, the challenge is going great. We haven't had any major issues.

Check out what's working for other doing the Flats Challenge.

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