Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Naming our kids {Aubrey}

I love thinking about baby names. Names that go together. Names that are nice but don't fit in with the kids names. There are some pretty out there names too ... I just don't get how some people can name their precious baby an out there name or completely butcher the spelling.

Being pregnant and picking the perfect name for your little bundle of joy. When I was pregnant with each kiddo I know I said their name a million times. Making sure it would flow. Or how it would sound when you middle named them. Allyson GRACE! Yep, it has a good ring to it, it passed the middle name test.

Growing up I had always LOVED the name. Brianna. It was our next door neighbors name and it's that name I've always loved. In high school I began to like the name Haley. I always thought that it would be so cute to be Heidi and Haley. Mother and daughter... best friends. So when I got pregnant I thought ok, it's going to be one of those.

Not the case.

Picking Aubrey's name was difficult. With her being our first, we wanted to make sure it was just perfect. We picked it apart a million times. I had brought up the name Aubrey in the beginning of the pregnancy but Conrad quickly vetoed it. We went through a few names and there wasn't really anything that felt right. Haley and Brianna just didn't seem like they were her name. I couldn't let go for Brianna though. Near the end we were kind of just going with Cassidy. I cannot imagine Aubrey as a Cassidy. Then suddenly Aubrey was back out on the table. Conrad will deny to this day that he ever vetoed it but I know the truth. Then it was like why don't we use Breanne as her middle name. Brillant!!

On June 4, five long days past her due date, Aubrey Breanne made her appearance into the world and the rest is history.

I really can't imagine her as anything other than my Aubrey Breanne

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