Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Flats Day 2 {Supplies}

It's Tuesday,  the second day in the Flats Challenge. No washer. No dryer. No problem!

 Yesterday went great. Last night was great. No leaks. We use flats as Allyson's night diaper anyway so this wasn't a big surprise. Austin had his diaper double stuffed with flats last night. His little bottom was so fluffy, too cute. and he woke up without any leaks either. 

Today I'm going to show you what I'm using on the littles one and how much I spent. 


12 birdseye flats from Green Mountain Diapers ($25)
4 RE Flour sack towels from Target ($4)
5 Walmart flour sack towel ($5)
Total: $34

I bought these new for the challenge. I had heard so many good things about them, I wanted to see how they worked compared to my birdseye flats.  So far so good. and for $1 a diaper how could you go wrong?

5  brand new flip covers 14.95 each x 5 = $74.75
5 flips bought used = $35
Total: $109.75

Snappis $6

Cloth wipes
  a mix of homemade wipes from a talented friend
some I attempted to make
Circo wash cloths - $5 for a pack of 6
Total: $5

Washing supplies

This is what I have for washing. I'm almost out of Rockin' Green and am actually switching over to Tide for our normal cloth wash routine. So I'm using the last little bit of RG and using up a free sample of BumGenius detergent and then if I need more I'll use the Tide Original.

Tide $12

Here's my "washing machine"

5 gallon bucket from Lowe's $5
Plunger $3

We have a clothes line that we dry our diapers on. I think we got that for about $10?

Total for everything $184 for 2 kids in diapers! You can't beat that. 

I had everything except for the flour sack towels prior to the challenge so I only spent $9 on this challenge.

All I really did to prep for this challenge is to prewash the flour sack towels. I ran them in a hot cycle in the washer with some detergent and they were all ready. When I bought my birdseye flats, I had boiled them in a pot for 20-30 minutes. Dried them and we were all set. It's really that easy. 

Are you taking the challenge? What are you using as flats? How did your first day go? 
Interested in cloth diapering? I'd love to help you out. 


  1. Good job momma! And although you have converted me to CD there is no way I am going this route. Haha... but GO YOU!!!

    1. I still gotta convince you to use cloth wipes! :)

  2. Woohoo! I use flats in my regular cloth rotation, don't know why other mamas don't go this route when diapering their baby. Good luck on the rest of the challenge!
    Cinella @ TMB


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