Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Different folds for flats {Open topic}

Today is day 3 of the Flats challenge. I'm still pretty amazed I've made it this long. Today is an open topic so I thought I would share the 2 folds that I use on the kids and what we do for night time diaper.

My lovely children do not like to cooperate during diaper changes. Allyson is easier to keep still so using the kite fold works great. We've been using it without a cover around the house. I've been trying to watch her to see how she acts before she pees and trying to have her tell me if she has to go ... blah blah ... this works for both of us

Place the flat so it's like a diamond. 
Fold the 2 sides in, looks like a kite! 
Step 3 you are folding the triangle at the top over.
Now take the point at the bottom and bring that up. For Allyson it's usually half way up. 
This week I've been pre-folding these up to this point. This is where I put a clean Ally on. 
Roll and tuck those sides in, it helps catch the poop. 
Bring the middle up and fold if necessary. 
Snappi the diaper closed. 
You might have to tuck and roll to fit some more to get it to fit under a cover. 

I think it's really fun to fold the flats. I love how you can customize the diaper to exactly what you need. 

It's impossible to keep Austin still. He scoots and rolls, grabs his junk ... lots of fun! So his fold is mainly the pad fold. This is seriously so easy. 

For night diapers both kids get 2 pad folded flats in a flip cover. This works great for us. This is what Allyson wears on a normal night. Austin usually has flats stuffed in his pocket for night time but I didn't want to wash pockets so his just go into a cover.

My little guy had just woken up from his nap.

 I forgot just how much I loved my flats. They are so simple and fun. 

What's your favorite fold for a flat? 


  1. Haha. I'll stick with my pockets and washing machine! But you are impressive!!

    1. I can't wait to use my washing machine!!!!!


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