Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 6 {Open topic}

Six days down, one more to go! Wahoo!! I can't believe we've lasted this long!

Today's is another open topic today. So let's talk about and baby sitters and flats. It's usually family that watches my kids. I've been blessed with sisters that are the perfect age to baby sit. My mom and Conrad's parents help out a lot too. Seriously, I'm blessed.

When we leave I try to have everything that they will need out or easily accessible. Diapers are no different. I usually will pull out their nighttime diapers, if we will be gone that for bedtime. My mom and sisters know where their normal day time diapers. If anyone else watches them, I make sure to pull the diapers out and have them all ready to go.

I usually pack my BG 4.0s in my diaper bag but this week they were replaced with flats. I had them pad folded and in a flip diaper, ready for changing.

This post is more of a ramble about my family and cloth diapers. I think I've always waited for someone to complain or be grossed out by us using cloth diapers but that hasn't happened. Everyone has supported our choice. Heck, my sisters have even said that in many, many, many years from now they will probably cloth diaper their children. That just makes me so happy. Yes, I have a problem. I love cute little fluffy bottoms.

I'm tired and ready for bed. Tiny pic isn't working for me tonight. So no Aubrey picture. No adorable fluffy pictures. Just time to hit the hay. Hopefully add pictures to the post tomorrow.

Good night friends!

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