Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Austin is 14 months!

Fourteen month old. 

Fourteen whole months have gone by. I just can't believe it. He's getting so big. Just in the last week he's really walking around this house more. I knew I would regret wanting him to walk. It's just too cute, watching him toddle around. Following his sisters. 

He know exactly what it means when I say "Let's go get sissy from school!"
 He walked from the couch to the garage door when I said that. 

If he hears his high roll on the tile, he crawls as fast as his little legs can go. 

If Allyson asks about a 'nack, he knows to follow her she's usually going to get something. 

this boy loves him some food. Makes me scared for his teen years! Yikes!! 

Oh son, you melt my heart! 

Taking pictures with the basketball is such a game now. As quick as I throw the ball over to him...

he throws it off! 

and why on earth would I want to look at the camera Mom? Big sis showed me just how much fun jumping on the couch is! {These two are going to be TROUBLE!!!} 

Happy 14 months,  my sweet Austin James! 

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