Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Austin 13 months

This little guy is getting and bigger everyday. I just can't believe he is 13 almost 14 months.  When Allyson was 14 months, I was just a couple months away from having Austin. Insane to think about that. 

1) How old is your baby? 13 months

2) Stats
: 23 pounds (my measurement)
Clothing size: 18 months

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

3) Are they..
Teething: This poor guy always seems to be working on a tooth. 2 of his molars finally broke his gums. This makes a totally of 9 teeth. 

Talking: He says Mama, Dada, Aub, out, outside, issy

Walking: He can walk but he prefers crawling. He's so fast and keep up  with his sisters this way.

Anything else you want to add: He is just such a happy little thing.

4) What they like
Toys: His basketball, cars and anything that his sisters have.
Song: Loves when Daddy sings rock a bye baby

5) What they dislike: Does not like having his faced wiped.
Ways they like to be soothed: He likes being rocked and patted.
6) How are they sleeping? He's waking up once a night. Thank you, Jesus!
7) How are they feeding? He's eating everything we have. He really likes waffles in the morning. He loves to eat beans and cheese. He will have a pouch every now and then. He's finally able to eat them by himself! Anything that Aubrey and Allyson get as a snack he thinks he has to have too.

8) Nicknames – The same. Brother, bubbas, AJ 

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