Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pink eye, shots & parties

Well Austin now has pink eye! What in the world. I've cleaned & sanitized & he still managed to get it. Ugh!

A teething baby with pink eye is really not fun.
Pocket day at school. What is pocket day you ask? I'm still not quite sure. Aubrey just told me she needed to bring something in the red pocket & not tell anyone because they were going to guess at school.

Thursday we went to the DR for AJ's 12 month appointment & Aubrey has had an awful cough for about a month. She was prescribed a new allergy medicine & a steroid & almost 2 weeks later no relief. She was prescribed azithromycin. Hopefully it will clear up any infection that might be hanging out in her little body.

Little guy got 3 shots. He's growing right on track. I didn't get or misplaced my paper with his stats.

Cuddles with Mom after shots.

New cut sometime last week.
We celebrated Cianna's birthdays at Chuck E Cheese. We all had a ton of fun.

Friday afternoon AJ broke out in a crazy rash. Back to the DR we went. Turns out poor guy is allergic to the eye drops. Thankfully Friday his eyes looked better & weren't goopy so DR said to stop those.
Saturday was Cianna's party! Ally ate gobs of Cheetos & Doritos. She was in cheesey heaven. Then it was cupcake time & he day got even better.

Sunday was a low key day at home. Kids played. Picked strawberries from our garden. Enjoyed each other. It was so nice!

We've been to the pedi once a week for the last 5 weeks. Hoping for a pedi free week this week. A low key week free from sickness!

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  1. From pink eye to allergic to the medicine! Poor Austin and poor mama! Hope you guys can catch a break from all the nasties soon.


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