Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Past Job {Tuesday Toddler Tales}

I feel like I've been doing this stay at home mom thing forever. Changing diapers, discipling, playing, cleaning up mess after mess, laughing and loving on these little ones has been my whole life for the last 4 years. It seems like it's much longer than that! 

I used to work in the office of a furniture store with my some of my best friends. It was more fun than actual work. I got a job there right after I found out I was pregnant with Aubrey. It was the perfect job. I sat in front of a computer {it was older than dirt} entered customers orders. Called and confirmed delivery times. Snacked in between. I had an hour lunch to do whatever I pleased. Oh, how I miss that time. After I had Aubrey I worked there part time and spent 3 days at home with my princess. 

In the beginning of 2009 we were told that the store would be closing due to the economy situation. We went through a liquidation process. Then there was talk of someone buying the place so we still had hope of keeping our jobs. That fell through and then our manager offered to lay people off. I stuck around for a while but in March 2009 I was laid off and begin my  new job as a stay at home mom. 

It's amazing at what's happen to our family in the last 4 years. 2 new little ones. A move. Conrad graduated. I attempted school but really felt called to be at home raising my kids. It turns out being laid off was such a blessing to our family! 



  1. I never knew you did that. That is the fun thing about blogs...learning new things about people you know!

  2. Being able to stay home and raise our kids is such a blessing to me. I am so grateful for the chance, even though I still have an out of the home job. I am so glad that it turned out to be a blessing for you.

  3. I have experienced being laid off too. Isn't it funny how that can turn into such a blessing?!


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