Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting dirty

Our flower bed in the front has been neglected ever since we've moved in here...almost 3 years ago. It's pretty embarassing. I'm the queen of killing plants though so I never really tried to do anything. In defense it was summer when we moved in and I was pregnant..gardening did not sound appealing. 

After seeing a couple friends pin some gardening stuff, I decided I'd have my mom help us. We bought some dirt, some pretty flowers and some tomatoes and strawberries. I'm so excited to have home grown tomatoes. They are just soooo much better than anything at the store!!

Both girls were excited to help my mom. 

Allyson LOVED playing with the shovel and dirt. 

That's a worm Aubrey found in the ground. Gross!! She had a lot of fun picking and choosing which flower to put where. She's the gardener of our family.

Little mister and I sat in the grass and enjoyed a yummy coffee. He didn't last too long outside so we went in and he was happier to watch them from the window while I was able to get a head start on dinner. Since I was making dinner I didn't get a chance to go take a picture but I'm going to have to do that.  The windy days that we've had did a number on a few of our flowers, so my mom will need to fix them . We planted the strawberries and tomatoes out back and they are looking so good. The strawberry plant even has some little green strawberries already! So exciting. I'm hoping Allyson leaves them alone when they play out back! I can't wait to enjoy the gifts from our little garden. 


  1. I'm bummed you missed the gardening lady at MOPS. She gave me some inspiration and I came home and did some gardening too.

  2. I am so bummed i missed it too :( How's gardening going for you?? I just saw our strawberries have red little berries. I'm so e xcited!


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