Thursday, April 4, 2013

Embracing the camera & sickness in the house

At the beginning of the year my friend Jessica started to to take weekly pictures of her and her kids. I LOVE seeing these pictures each week. I thought I'd like to try it then I remembered I can't even blog consistently, what on earth makes me think I can take AND POST weekly pictures. So I trashed the idea. 

A couple weeks ago on Pinterest, I came across this pin about embracing the camera and taking pictures with your kiddos. It had this great list of pictures to take with your kids. I decided to give that a go. I bought my self a wireless remote for my camera. I have my list and I'm ready to dive into this. I decided I'll just post my pictures as them come. 

So I pulled out my camera and was trying to get it set up on the tri pod to take just a few pictures in front of the fireplace. Oh, it was clear that it wasn't going to happen. Allyson wanted NOTHING to do with being near us. Austin was trying to jump out of my arms and Aubrey was her goofy self! 

I didn't think I wanted to post this pic because it's awful but then I was thinking, this is my life right now. My kids are insane. I'm in my sweats or yoga pants while at home. Aubrey is loving her Jessie dress I made for her. Ally loves Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Austin is just his cute little self. I still have Austin' birthday decorations out. This picture is a peek into my life. 

and just for the record I was planning to put jeans on for the picture. 

So life has just been insane. In the last month there has been someone that is sick in some way here. Allyson had the double ear infection. Aubrey had pink eye. Austin had a cold. Allyson just broke out with a crazy bad rash. Turns out she's allergic to amoxicillin. Aubrey has a super awful cough. We went to the DR and it's  her allergies. They are pretty bad. We got a new prescription allergy medicine for her. Allyson's rash is going to run it's course. I've been crazy with wiping toys down with clorox wipes, spraying the couch, floor, toys with lysol disinfectant spray. We managed to keep Aubrey's pink eye to herself. I'm so ready for everyone to be healthy!!


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