Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

We had such a good time celebrating Easter with family this year. 
We went to church that morning. 
We headed over to Candice's house for dinner. My mom and sister came over too. I love that we are so blessed to do Easter this way. My kids and I get to see both grandmas at once. I just love it!! It makes it easier too.

 We had dinner and an egg hunt before it started to sprinkle! 

Little girl was so funny finding the eggs. She had to open up each egg to see what was inside before she would put it in her basket. 

Mr Luke had his first Easter and his first picture with Austin. They are 10 months apart. Austin looks like a GIANT next to him!! 
I was just thinking about the next couple family events coming up and even next year's Easter. Austin will be walking/running around with the girls. Luke will be more mobile and then he will be running around with them in no time. It's crazy to think about how our holiday's evolve. We used to enjoy a nice meal. Have grown up talk. Play some games after. Now it's hurry up and get those kids food. They scream, tattle, spill and everything else. We each take turns dealing with a crying kid. A hurt feeling. We all laugh about it. It's a different kind of good. 


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