Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mommy time {Tuesday Toddler Tales}

Oh, that time after the kids are tucked in bed and before it's time for me to get some sleep...My time. After the kids are in bed, I usually try to clean up anything didn't get picked up during the day. Finish up the laundry. Dishes. 

When that's all said done and I actually get to do what I *want* to do. I like to do anything crafty. Make something. Sewing, painting, hot glueing, using my Cricut, just about anything crafty. I really have enjoyed making birthday stuff for the kids. Late night trips to JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby. 

Once a month I'm blessed to play Bunco with a great group of women from my MOPS group. Lots of yummy food and great time talking and laughing and there is a prize ...  I rarely win. That time away is so nice, so needed. 

Sometimes my mommy time is spent at Target. It is so nice {and weird} to go to Target without the kids. I can actually think when I'm there. Although, it's nice to have the kids with me when I spend too, I blame it on being distracted by them. 

What do you do during your Mommy time? 


Monday, April 29, 2013

back to real life.

I've had the best weekend! It was my birthday so I was spoiled by my fabulous husband. We spent Friday night in Pleasanton. Dinner at one of my favorite places, PF Changs. We saw a movie. Friday night I slept from 11:30 to 8AM, no interruptions from a little someone.

We spent Saturday shopping at the outlets. It was so nice to shop on my time. It was nice to hold Conrad's hand and be able to look through the racks without being distracted by a little one. We had lunch and dinner when we wanted. It was really soo nice and so much fun. I feel so blessed to be able to get the chance to do this. 

Sunday was a pretty relaxing day.. not! We tried Allyson in underwear. Well, my mom started the day before so we were just continuing. She was really making progress. I'll write another post about this ..
But Sunday we were definitely back into the parenting groove. 

Today was back to the menu planning and grocery shopping grind. I'm pretty excited this week. I only had to come up with 4 meals, yay for having plans this weekend! We are having a couple new things, so it seems I've managed to climb out of that rut, finally! 

Monday - Veggie Fajita 

Tuesday - Eggplant pizza  

Wednesday - Boca burgers and fries 

Thursday - Taco Salad

Friday - Eating out 

Saturday - Birthday dinner with Kathy

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Pictures from the Marathon ...

... ok ok from the 5k. 

I finally remembered to look for our race pictures (and post them). I am still so proud of my mom, sister and I for jumping in and running this without any real preparing. Heck, the gym opened a week before. I know that's no excuse. We could have ran here at home. We thought we'd jump right in.

I'm not sure why the race time says an hour. I think it's the marathon time since they started before us little 5kers. 

Here's my time

I'm actually impressed with it. My goal was under an hour and all 3 of us made it! My mom was a rockstar!! She was just a few minutes behind me (because I ditched her at the end)

It was such a fun time and I can't believe that I'm actually saying that running was fun, but it so was!!

We are totally planning to do it next year. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Helping with Homework {embracing the camera}

She's growing too fast, guys! 

It's been a struggle to get her to the table to sit down and do her homework. She's five going on fifteen. 

Homework is boring! 

Can't I just finish watching my show? 

Why do I have to do my homework? 

and that list can go on and on. She finally drags her butt to the table and just goes to town on her homework. Coloring, counting and reading, this girl is a pro! 

This afternoon she had this seriousness while doing her homework, all because of the camera. Normally she's singing and talking. Today is was, "Can you stop taking pictures? I need to concentrate."

Oh excuse me, miss thang!! Lord, help me when she's actually a teenager.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Her Spring pictures made me cry

Today I finally got around to cutting and sending out Aubrey's spring pictures from school. I got all teary. Thinking about much she's grown since starting kindergarten.

I'm cutting her spring pictures. She had her first pictures in the fall. Now it's spring. She's almost out of school and then will be starting first grade and it will be full day. Full day. Full day school makes me jump with excitement. No more making Austin wait until we get Aubrey to take his nap. No more early lunches or rushed lunches.

But it means she's going to be at school longer. 8:30-2:30.

Away from me.

She'll be at school more than she will be at home with me during the week. More time with a teacher and friends than safe at home with her sister and brother.

I know that she's going to love being at school. Heck, the first week of kindergarten she asked if she could stay longer. She's looking forward to having lunch at school and TWO recesses. Being a BIG first grader going to assemblies. Can you tell they've been talking about it at school and she comes running out of the gate so excited tell me. It's one of those things that makes me so happy she's so excited and so comfortable at school. But my heart just hurts knowing she's growing so fast. Heck, school is out in less than a month! I won't have a kindergartener anymore!! Ugh!

School is out in less than a month. What??

I have some ideas pinned of things I want to do and make with the kids.
like this poster

and make a banner like this for the last day of school.
*for some reason I can't get it to show the picture. I'm blaming it on me not feeling well. 

I had to end on a happy note.

Only 30 days until summer vacation!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Past Job {Tuesday Toddler Tales}

I feel like I've been doing this stay at home mom thing forever. Changing diapers, discipling, playing, cleaning up mess after mess, laughing and loving on these little ones has been my whole life for the last 4 years. It seems like it's much longer than that! 

I used to work in the office of a furniture store with my some of my best friends. It was more fun than actual work. I got a job there right after I found out I was pregnant with Aubrey. It was the perfect job. I sat in front of a computer {it was older than dirt} entered customers orders. Called and confirmed delivery times. Snacked in between. I had an hour lunch to do whatever I pleased. Oh, how I miss that time. After I had Aubrey I worked there part time and spent 3 days at home with my princess. 

In the beginning of 2009 we were told that the store would be closing due to the economy situation. We went through a liquidation process. Then there was talk of someone buying the place so we still had hope of keeping our jobs. That fell through and then our manager offered to lay people off. I stuck around for a while but in March 2009 I was laid off and begin my  new job as a stay at home mom. 

It's amazing at what's happen to our family in the last 4 years. 2 new little ones. A move. Conrad graduated. I attempted school but really felt called to be at home raising my kids. It turns out being laid off was such a blessing to our family! 


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pink eye, shots & parties

Well Austin now has pink eye! What in the world. I've cleaned & sanitized & he still managed to get it. Ugh!

A teething baby with pink eye is really not fun.
Pocket day at school. What is pocket day you ask? I'm still not quite sure. Aubrey just told me she needed to bring something in the red pocket & not tell anyone because they were going to guess at school.

Thursday we went to the DR for AJ's 12 month appointment & Aubrey has had an awful cough for about a month. She was prescribed a new allergy medicine & a steroid & almost 2 weeks later no relief. She was prescribed azithromycin. Hopefully it will clear up any infection that might be hanging out in her little body.

Little guy got 3 shots. He's growing right on track. I didn't get or misplaced my paper with his stats.

Cuddles with Mom after shots.

New cut sometime last week.
We celebrated Cianna's birthdays at Chuck E Cheese. We all had a ton of fun.

Friday afternoon AJ broke out in a crazy rash. Back to the DR we went. Turns out poor guy is allergic to the eye drops. Thankfully Friday his eyes looked better & weren't goopy so DR said to stop those.
Saturday was Cianna's party! Ally ate gobs of Cheetos & Doritos. She was in cheesey heaven. Then it was cupcake time & he day got even better.

Sunday was a low key day at home. Kids played. Picked strawberries from our garden. Enjoyed each other. It was so nice!

We've been to the pedi once a week for the last 5 weeks. Hoping for a pedi free week this week. A low key week free from sickness!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Menu plan Tuesday {5}

It's Tuesday time to share what we are having this week. I'm really struggling. I feel like we are eating the same stuff just with a different name. It's all pasta, bean and cheese. *sigh*  I hate being in a food rut. Here's what's planned.

Monday: Baked potatoes 

Wednesday: Homemade Mac N Cheese

Thursday: Quinoa Salad with Lemon Basil dressing  This is seriously my favorite dish! So yummy!

Friday: Pizza 

Saturday: left overs 

Sunday: Not sure yet :/ 

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Friday, April 12, 2013

28/30 {Love Language}

28. What is your love language?

I just found out tonight what my love language was. I was kinda surprised at first when it came up as Acts of Service. I totally thought it was Physical Touch or  Receiving gifts. The more I thought about it though it really is Act of Service. Show me you love me. Actions speak louder than words. 

I sent Conrad the link to take the quiz hopefully he'll actually take it and I can find his and make sure I'm showing him love in that way. 

What's your love language? 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

27/30 {Favorite part of body}

What is your favorite part of your body and why?

Hmmm... I don't think I have a favorite part of my body. I'm struggling with losing this baby weight so when I think about my body I'm not too happy about it. :/ I think if I had to pick something, it would be my eyes. I like that they are green. I think it's a pretty color green too :) 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting dirty

Our flower bed in the front has been neglected ever since we've moved in here...almost 3 years ago. It's pretty embarassing. I'm the queen of killing plants though so I never really tried to do anything. In defense it was summer when we moved in and I was pregnant..gardening did not sound appealing. 

After seeing a couple friends pin some gardening stuff, I decided I'd have my mom help us. We bought some dirt, some pretty flowers and some tomatoes and strawberries. I'm so excited to have home grown tomatoes. They are just soooo much better than anything at the store!!

Both girls were excited to help my mom. 

Allyson LOVED playing with the shovel and dirt. 

That's a worm Aubrey found in the ground. Gross!! She had a lot of fun picking and choosing which flower to put where. She's the gardener of our family.

Little mister and I sat in the grass and enjoyed a yummy coffee. He didn't last too long outside so we went in and he was happier to watch them from the window while I was able to get a head start on dinner. Since I was making dinner I didn't get a chance to go take a picture but I'm going to have to do that.  The windy days that we've had did a number on a few of our flowers, so my mom will need to fix them . We planted the strawberries and tomatoes out back and they are looking so good. The strawberry plant even has some little green strawberries already! So exciting. I'm hoping Allyson leaves them alone when they play out back! I can't wait to enjoy the gifts from our little garden. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Menu Plan Tuesday {4}

 Yesterday was a busy day. Aubrey went back to school! My sisters went back to school. Yes!! It was just me and the little ones. I wish I could say that I enjoyed it more but I didn't get to. My mom came home from visiting her mommy in Colorado.  I scrambled to clean up the house before picking up Aubrey from kindy and then heading out to Pleasanton.

We stopped off at a park to play and we all had sooo much fun. The wind was crazy bad but I don't think any of us really minded.

{ugh my pictures are not uploading for some reason!}

We made it home at about 4:30 ish. Mom ran and got some take and bake pizza. Ate dinner. Bathed the kiddos. Bedtime routine and then I headed to the store. Tess and I had a blast. Oh man. Best Winco trip ever!

Here's what we are having this week

Monday - Pizza

Tuesday - Enchilada bake

Wednesday - Kale, bean and potato Stew - Yummy! You should totally try this!

Thursday - Tuna noodle salad

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - Kale Tostadas

Sunday - Baked pasta with Spinach

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

We had such a good time celebrating Easter with family this year. 
We went to church that morning. 
We headed over to Candice's house for dinner. My mom and sister came over too. I love that we are so blessed to do Easter this way. My kids and I get to see both grandmas at once. I just love it!! It makes it easier too.

 We had dinner and an egg hunt before it started to sprinkle! 

Little girl was so funny finding the eggs. She had to open up each egg to see what was inside before she would put it in her basket. 

Mr Luke had his first Easter and his first picture with Austin. They are 10 months apart. Austin looks like a GIANT next to him!! 
I was just thinking about the next couple family events coming up and even next year's Easter. Austin will be walking/running around with the girls. Luke will be more mobile and then he will be running around with them in no time. It's crazy to think about how our holiday's evolve. We used to enjoy a nice meal. Have grown up talk. Play some games after. Now it's hurry up and get those kids food. They scream, tattle, spill and everything else. We each take turns dealing with a crying kid. A hurt feeling. We all laugh about it. It's a different kind of good. 


Embracing the camera & sickness in the house

At the beginning of the year my friend Jessica started to to take weekly pictures of her and her kids. I LOVE seeing these pictures each week. I thought I'd like to try it then I remembered I can't even blog consistently, what on earth makes me think I can take AND POST weekly pictures. So I trashed the idea. 

A couple weeks ago on Pinterest, I came across this pin about embracing the camera and taking pictures with your kiddos. It had this great list of pictures to take with your kids. I decided to give that a go. I bought my self a wireless remote for my camera. I have my list and I'm ready to dive into this. I decided I'll just post my pictures as them come. 

So I pulled out my camera and was trying to get it set up on the tri pod to take just a few pictures in front of the fireplace. Oh, it was clear that it wasn't going to happen. Allyson wanted NOTHING to do with being near us. Austin was trying to jump out of my arms and Aubrey was her goofy self! 

I didn't think I wanted to post this pic because it's awful but then I was thinking, this is my life right now. My kids are insane. I'm in my sweats or yoga pants while at home. Aubrey is loving her Jessie dress I made for her. Ally loves Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Austin is just his cute little self. I still have Austin' birthday decorations out. This picture is a peek into my life. 

and just for the record I was planning to put jeans on for the picture. 

So life has just been insane. In the last month there has been someone that is sick in some way here. Allyson had the double ear infection. Aubrey had pink eye. Austin had a cold. Allyson just broke out with a crazy bad rash. Turns out she's allergic to amoxicillin. Aubrey has a super awful cough. We went to the DR and it's  her allergies. They are pretty bad. We got a new prescription allergy medicine for her. Allyson's rash is going to run it's course. I've been crazy with wiping toys down with clorox wipes, spraying the couch, floor, toys with lysol disinfectant spray. We managed to keep Aubrey's pink eye to herself. I'm so ready for everyone to be healthy!!