Monday, March 25, 2013

Prince Austin's 1st birthday party

I've been busy getting stuff ready for my little guy's royal party, for the last couple of weeks. You know staying up too late. Debaitng on if it was the right size or if it should be 1/4 inch smaller, like anyone would notice Heidi! 

Party day was finally here!! 

His throne 

His monthly banner thingy. 
This is probably my favorite thing I made.
 Seeing how teensy tiny he was and now we are celebrating his one year. Crazy! 

Opening his gifts 
When we decided to open gift all of the kids were in the play room playing. We decided to just open gifts with out them. Such a brilliant idea! 

Then his sisters took over! 

Time for some sugar! 

Little man liked his cupcake! He didn't even make much of a mess. 
It was a lot fun celebrating my sweet boy! I still can't believe it's really been one year.
 I can't wait to see his personality blossom. I can't wait for him to walk and talk. I'm really looking forward to what this next year brings! 

71 days until Aubrey turns SIX, better keep the cricut out ;) 


  1. Such a great job on everything! I LOVE that picture of Austin in his high chair with his hands by his face. It may be one of my favorite you have posted of him. I just love the look on his face, hands by his head, sitting on his throne. Glad his birthday went well.


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